Rehoming your pet is heartbreaking. It is often due to circumstances like the loss of a job or home, an illness or injury, or PCSing to a location where personal animals are not allowed.

Here are some tips on  alternatives to rehoming, as well as how to find your dog or cat the best possible home if you have no other option. Many animal shelters have programs to keep people and pets together during times of temporary hardship. Some maintain pet food banks, offer income-qualified individuals low-cost veterinary care, or provide short-.

Still other animal welfare organizations have training resources if behavior issues are the reason you are thinking about giving up your pet.

Often, these temporary and interventionist measures are enough to avoid you surrendering your pets altogether. Speak with your pet’s veterinarian. He or she know your pet best, and may have other clients who are looking to add a pet to their families. Many veterinary practices allow clients to post flyers in their office to help dogs and cats find new homes.

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